The Importance of Typography & Where to Look for Inspiration

smile typography

Good typography can change lives. Okay that might be going a bit far, but if you’re a designer it can seem that way. If you look back as far as my uni work, you’ll see I’ve always been a big fan of typography.

It’s good to keep up to date with design trends, and type is a big part of this. I’ll always make it a feature within my work when I can and I love discovering a new font. Kerning, point sizes, line-spacing, letter-spacing are all terms you’ll be familiar with if you love type.

Getting it right can have a big impact on your designs. Here are a few reasons why it’s so important:

Typography can portray a certain mood or feeling. Using the appropriate font for the target audience will attract them initially, and hopefully, keep them interested. 

Using type with the right spacing makes your message clear. Crammed, squashed or illegible fonts may confuse your audience and you’ll lose their attention.

Consistency with fonts makes your brand familiar to the audience, which then promotes awareness of your brand.

Instagram is a great tool for inspiration, and it offers endless accounts which focus on typefaces, fonts and illustration. I thought I’d discuss my top 10 favourites; if type is your thing then these accounts will give you your daily typography fix.

1. I first came across @risarodil when I was looking at prints for my house. She produces inspiring quotes in a vibrant, fun style and incorporates a lot of illustration in there too.

2. A couple of years ago I read a book called ’40 Days of Dating’, in which two Graphic Designers begin to date as part of a social experiment. One of these designers was @timothygoodman from New York design agency, Sagmeister & Walsh.

His work is mostly typography-based and he produces some fabulous wall art and interior illustrations, as well as funny and quirky quotes about life.

3. @typetopia features clever logos using type, branding, graphic design, illustration and all-round innovative ideas.

4. Based in Lancashire, @kate.illustrate is a local illustrator. I first noticed her work when she produced wall art for Finch Bakery. She creates pretty, modern calligraphy and illustrations, as well as bespoke letters with illustrations of your choice, which are a lovely gift idea.

5. @emilymcdowell_ is an illustrator who creates funny and inspiring greetings cards. Her quotes are relatable and I really like her style of type. 

6. As well specific personal or business accounts, Instagram now allows you to follow hashtags. This means you are open to a wider range of inspiration, as posts from accounts you don’t necessarily follow will be put in front of you. #typography and #handtype are two that I follow, however there are loads of different hashtags to choose from. 

7. @stephsayshello is a letterer and illustrator based in Leeds. With a lively and often floral theme, she illustrates song lyrics, quotes, as well as producing some fab illustrations. 

8. I’ve always liked @homsweethom‘s quotes and style of type. After following her for a while, I was given her book as a birthday gift. @dailydishonestly includes everyday lies we tell ourselves and others. It’s easy on the eye and funny. There’s a lot of food quotes featured too… You can’t go wrong with food can you?!

9. @thedieline always has lovely type inspo. Although their account is packaging focused, the hierarchy of fonts are rules that apply to all types of marketing, whether it’s a simple flyer, 30 page brochure, or a website. 

10. @yayforaholes is a witty play on words, which refers to the negative space in a font. Featuring funny quotes, lettering information and unrealistic client quotes. 

Instagram really is a great tool and it’s definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already. Whether it’s design and marketing, branding, or even ideas for your office interior… The inspiration is unlimited!

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