The Proof Of The Pudding…

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We have just received a lovely testimonial from our client Lulu Browns Bridal which really does bring home the issues we have been looking at in our recent blogs.

You can read the full testimonial at but much of what we have been discussing about brand and relationship comes out clearly in just a few lines of heartfelt frustration and need …
“ I have kissed many marketing frogs in my time and become sick and tired of spending thousands of pounds with marketing company’s who promise the earth and failed to deliver.

Our brief was large and required someone to not only help design our brand, but believe in it”.
And the testimonial ends…
“We simply feel we have our very own marketing department in Root Fifty Two, thank goodness we found you!”

Failure to deliver on promise really does indicate a very poor understanding of what the client needs; an attitude that the brief is simply another job to be done, and ultimately a lack of real interest in or enthusiasm for the client – a failure to establish a proper working relationship.

This is a frustration obviously experienced by our client and which is borne out by the plea for a designer who would believe in the client’s brand!
As the testimonial indicates in its finishing line, we have achieved just what the client is looking for – a strong relationship which delivers on promise and is built on a clear understanding of the business and a belief in the brand.

You will see from our previous blogs that we are actually quite passionate about our working relationships with our clients. It’s there in everything we do and we shout it from our website and in our literature – it’s about You and Us; in fact, the relationship is what R52 is built on.

It’s that important!
Ask yourself if you are getting this from your design partner. If you are, that’s great! If not, isn’t it time to do something about it?
And by the way, kissing frogs is definitely not a requirement for working with us!

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