The Story Continues…. The Client / Designer Relationship

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So… the client / designer relationship. We have heard many stories from our clients about relationships going wrong resulting in friction, loss of trust, missed deadlines and even lost business.

This has to be an issue not only in our creative sector, but in virtually every sector where business and customer come together. But for some reason, it really does seem to be the cause of many problems between designer and client, problems which can really be avoided quite easily.

It’s hard to understand why some see every designer as some arrogant being sat high in an ivory tower dictating exactly what the poor subservient client will be given. OK, R52 may be on the 3rd floor, but come on – that’s hardly ivory tower stuff!

But sadly, it does happen and whilst there are indeed more than just a handful who deserve “the reputation”, most of us are pretty nice people, (and Im sure that all of our clients will tell you that we at R52 are indeed nice people!) ever willing to go the extra mile to make sure our creations are right for the job in hand.

Getting the relationship right at the beginning is the only way to make sure you get the right outcome for your project, and that really starts with an acceptance that whilst we as designers do appreciate that you are the specialist in your field, you also need to accept that we are the specialist in ours and really can use our professional expertise to create the right image for you, whatever your application.

So how does this ‘meeting of minds’, if not cultures, happen without that notorious clash? It really is simple! We communicate.

You tell us about your business, your project and its objectives; we convert your aims into design proposals. And along the way, we keep up the communication; clarifying, fine tuning, making sure that the end result is the right one to achieve your objectives.

And that is where developing the relationship comes in; establishing a clear understanding from the start, setting out the objectives and the boundaries for the project and making a firm commitment on both sides to work together effectively – then actually doing it all!

There we have it – another simplistic piece on getting the design process right for you, but one which, if you get the relationship right, will underpin the success of your project.

More next time, but in the meantime, we really would like to hear what you think, so feel free to talk to us by leaving your comments. Or we’ll down pens and start dictating to you from R52 Towers! ☺

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