Use an Image when Tweeting!

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For all of you Twitter users,  you will know that the homepage is fast–paced, with a busy feed of ever changing tweets!

This means your tweet won’t appear on peoples’ feeds for very long. When Twitter started it was all about text, but now you have the option to add an image too.


Adding an image makes your tweet stand out more within the news feed and can greatly increase the engagement your tweet receives.

The points below have been proven to happen for tweets using images:
• Increased retweets
• Increased favourites
• Imcreased link visits

Adding an image to your tweet is quick and easy to do. The images below show the desktop and mobile view. Simply select the photo icon when composing your tweet and select the image you’d like to use.


With these benefits and increased brand awareness, it’s worth spending a bit of extra time and adding an image!

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