Use the Correct Keywords

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If you write content for a website you may be aware of the term ‘keywords’. Keywords are words or phrases that people type into a Google Search to find you. For example, people may type in ‘web design Burnley’ and we will appear in the results. To ensure we show up in Google’s results, we make sure we have the keywords ‘web design’ and ‘Burnley’ within our website copy.


Choosing the right keywords

With the ever increasing amount of websites it is almost impossible to rank for one-word keywords such as, our ideal, ‘websites’. It is far more realistic to aim for two-word or three-word search strings or phrases such as ‘web design Burnley’. There is far less competition and you will target customers who are specifically looking for you.


Don’t stuff keywords into your copy!

‘Keyword stuffing’ is historically a technique used to manipulate search results to try to outrank competitors for their chosen words.  Companies would stuff keywords within their website numerous times  in an attempt to rank the highest. This is no longer the advised way to incorporate keywords into your copy.

Do a Google search for ‘click here’ and you will see in the tops results. Why do Adobe rank for this? Keep an eye out for our post on backlinks!

If you have any questions about your website content, or need any help with keywords, please get in touch!

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