So You Have A Website… Why Do You Need A New One?


It’s easily done. You launch your fab new website in a blaze of bright lights and excitement and stand back and watch with pride as customers flock to it in awe and anticipation at this exciting new diversion.

Then you go back to running your business, safe in the knowledge that your brilliant website is doing what you want it to and keeping your customers, existing and potential, involved.

So why on earth would you need to look at getting yourself a new website?

To start with, when did you last look at your website? I mean really look at it with an objective, honest eye? To see your site as your customers see it? Perhaps it’s now time to do just that and see if your site is still doing its job!

We’ve put together a few pointers to help you, a list of signs to look for which can determine why you might just need to bite the bullet and give your website a full make-over.

Signs Your Website is Due for a Full Make-over

The copyright in your footer is not current
While this can be easily remedied by changing the text, it is a sure sign you haven’t been giving your site the attention it needs. Visitors will also see the copyright date and assume your website (and, by extension, your business!) has been neglected.

Your news is history
How often do you look at a website to find old news, case studies for projects done in the 1990s and even detailing ex employees and obsolete products? How fresh and up to date is your site?

You can’t find your database
Where is your contact information actually going? Can you access it? Can you make use of it? If not, you’re missing a great marketing opportunity!

Your website has an animated intro page
In the past, many sites opted for a unique welcome page that took precious minutes to load. It may look clever, but today’s customer is not going to hang around to find out and will simply go elsewhere! And Apple mobile devices (iPad, iPhone) do not see Flash meaning anyone accessing your site with these devices will have problems.

You have more than three font styles and colours. You are presenting your company’s brand through your website and your site must be consistent with everything else you do. You don’t want to confuse your customers with inconsistent font styles and colours. Note: If any of the fonts are Comic Sans or Papyrus, seek help immediately!

Your site’s content is contained within images
If your text is located within images it’s unreadable by both search engines and visitors with images disabled. Make sure all your important content is displayed as text on a page, not contained within an image.

All the content on your site is static
How easily can you update your website with current product/service information, company news or press releases?
The best websites thrive by providing current, timely information to their customers via a content management system (CMS) and a company blog. A CMS allows your business to quickly and easily add and update content on the fly, ensuring your content is always fresh.
Studies have shown that websites with a blog attract 55% more visitors!

You haven’t integrated your social sites into your website
Facebook launched in 2006 and has grown to over 800 million active users. YouTube boasts the 2nd most popular search engine and 3rd most-visited site in the world. And what about Pinterest? And Twitter feed? You really have no excuse to not be actively engaged in these huge markets.

Your website is small on a computer but too big for mobile
How responsive is your website to the devices on which it will be viewed? Is it properly optimised for PC, LapTop, Smartphone and Mobile Devices? More people will soon be accessing the web on a mobile device than laptop or PC!

Your visitors don’t know what to do once on your site
Is your site easy for your visitors to find their way around? Do they have a clear means of contact (phone number on every page)? Are your calls to action logical and obvious?

You have a visible hit counter
I don’t even want to believe this still exists. Please oh please, if you have a counter on your site that shows the number of visits to your site, remove it immediately.

Your website is made entirely from flash
From issues with Apple mobile devices to problems with search engine visibility, Flash will really not do your site any favours!
And when you’ve considered all of these ‘internal’ issues, take a look beyond your own website and see how your competitors are doing things. Is your site simply one of many with little to choose between them? Or even worse, lagging behind in impact and customer friendliness? Time to get yourself back on top!

Then there’s the support you get from your website developer. We’ve been amazed by the expensive, one-sided website maintenance contracts imposed just to keep a site updated! Something we’ve addressed by designing all our websites to allow our clients to update content easily themselves. So make sure you’re not being screwed by your provider!

So it’s not just about having a great looking website. It’s about having a site which your customers can easily access wherever and however they prefer, which gives them the information they want and the means to satisfy their needs. A site which builds brand loyalty and gives you competitive edge over your competitors.

Why would you need a new site when you already have one? Perhaps you will find the answer above!

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