You + Us

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Look on our website and you’ll see the R52 philosophy spelled out in just a couple of words: ‘You + Us’.

A very simple statement, but it captures everything that makes R52 special; the relationships, the trust, the commitment; the things that keep bringing our clients back for more.

It’s also the key factor behind our very successful relationship with the Fence Gate Group which has just seen us undertake the rebranding of the Group.

The project began with our designing a new crest which, working from the client’s imagination and rather rough pencil sketch, now sits proudly at the heart of the brand.

We then moved on to developing the new brand image through menus and stationery, with the project still very active and involving the full scope of the R52 services portfolio, designing, developing and producing materials for both print and on-line media applications.

Our current work on the project involves design and development of new websites for each of the Group’s four businesses; The Fence Gate Inn and Michelle B Fashions which will both be live very shortly and The Eagle and Berkins Deli sites which will follow.

Four years ago we produced a one-off new menu for the Fence Gate Inn; today we’re working at the heart of the Fence Gate business, trusted to deliver the complete marketing needs of a client in a very demanding business.

Proof, if needed, that our ‘You + Us’ approach really does work well – for both you and us!
The Fence Gate website is now live!

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